Beyond Good Job and Nice: Better Ways to Positively Praise Your Athletes

Test Test Test



I hate the compliment “good job!”

The only one I might cause greater animosity is “nice!”

No, I am not a scrooge (at least I hope I’m not). Though guilty of uttering these overused encouragements myself, I dislike them because they are vague and lazy. .

They are the equivalent of the observational coaching that also drives me nuts. You know the kind that any person off the street could give to a gymnast, like “Your legs were bent.” or “You fell on your full turn.”

Yet, we know that the ratio of positive comments to corrective ones needs to be overwhelmingly skewed toward the positive.

The University of Nebraska conducted a study of over 17,000 family members in 27 countries.  What they discovered was that in the healthiest of families ratio of positive to negative interactions was about ten to one.

Our gymnasts are like a family…ten to one…oh…

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